Prof. Masatake Haruta
Tel: +86-411-82463009
Gold Catalysis Research Center,
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS.
Research Center for Gold Chemistry & Department of Applied Chemistry,
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

The pioneer who discovered the catalytic activity of gold. Since gold is chemically inert,it was assumed to be poorly active as a catalyst. However, Professor Haruta showed that oxidation of CO takes place at low temperatures when gold nanoparticles were deposited on base metal oxides. This discovery has led to vigorous research into the catalytic activity of gold nanoparticles.

1970  BS from Department of Industrial Chemistry, Nagoya Institute of Technology
1975  doc.Engng. from Department of Industrial Chemistry, Graduate School of Kyoto University.

Working experience
1976  Research scientist,Osaka National Research Institute(ONRI)
1981-1982 Visiting Scientist at Universite Catholique de Louvain(Belgium) 
1990  Head of Catalysis Section,ONRI
1994  Principal Researcher, Director of Interdisciplinary Basic Research Center,ONRI
1994  Guest Professor,Technical University of Vienna
1999-2001  Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Science,Graduate School of Osaka University
1999  Director of Department of Energy and Environment,ONRI
2001  Director of Research Institute for Green Technology,Nat.Inst.Advanced Industrial Sci.&Technol.
2005-present Professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University

Awards and honors
1992  44th Chemical Technology Award, the Kinki Chemical Society,Japan
1997  15th Osaka Science Prize,Osaka pref., Osaka city, and Osaka Sci.Tech.Center
1997  24th Minister Award for Distinguished Research Achievement,Science and Technology Agency
2002  Catalysis Society of Japan Award of Heisei 13 Fiscal Year(Science)
2002  Henry J. Albert Award, International Precious Metals Institute
2009  Foreign member, Academia Europaea
2010  Chemical Society of Japan Award
2011  Spires Memorial Award, Royal Society of Chemistry,UK
2012  Thomson Reuters Citation Laureate: of Nobel class



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